An exquisite Reed Diffuser containing a classic scented to diffuse and maintain your favorite aroma in the room.

Bring relaxation to every space with high quality perfumes specially selected for you.

Exploring our ‘Famous of the World Collection’, you will experience a timeless sensation of relaxation created by a unique touch of aromatic scents of their origins.

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Akaliko Pillow Mist is designed to deliver serenity and balance to your mind and body for efficient sleeping.

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The unique, pleasant aroma of Thai flowers will help you feel the blissful tranquility of strolling in a field of flowers.

Akaliko Essential Oil, extracted from high-class raw materials, exude a natural scent that is free of chemical odors.

Akaliko Twist and Spray Perfume Mist comes in a travel-friendly format. The delicate scent of Akaliko Perfume Mist is designed for lavish use all over the body.

Ward off mosquitoes with our repellent spray produced from Citronella & Eucalyptus essential oil a substance that is naturally fragrant and does not cause skin irritation.