Our Brand

Akaliko in the Pali language means “Timeless.” 

Thousands of years, Aromatic product always appear in the history of mankind. The trend is here to stay because humans continue to seek happiness and relaxation with the help of pleasant smells. 

For this reason, Akaliko chooses only fine quality perfumes extracted from scented plants and herbs  from all around the world and further develops them into more innovative and contemporary aromatic products.

The definition of our Akaliko brand ultimately reflects the everlasting concept of “Timeless Relaxation.”


Akaliko believes in the marvelous powers of nature and ancient wisdom, the fragrance of flowers ,the warm tang of scented woods, the piquancy of spices, the coolness of herbs, and the infinite diversity of nature, all of which help create a wonderful sense of joy. Myriads of natural extracts have been discovered and utilized for their therapeutic properties known for rejuvenating skin that have been damaged by countless chemicals lurking in the modern day. 

Akaliko’s carefully selected raw materials give true beauty to our customers. Moreover, we care about global warming andare committed to being responsible to the environment by using recyclable packaging, natural ingredients, and non-toxic raw materials. We also make it an effort to communicate these notions through our various forms of “Simply Green” packages. 


Sincerity:  We never distort facts merely to increase sales. All Akaliko products are produced meticulously and sincerely. Not only do our products look appealing, they are genuinely non-toxic and full of quality.

Understanding : Data research and customer surveys are regularly  allow us to develop appropriate products that answer market demands.

Care: Akaliko considers environmental friendliness not as a mere trend, but as an attribute that reflects a manufacturer’s responsibility. For this reason, we have designed the “Simply Green” logo to indicate a product’s properties and highlight its environmental friendliness.