Akaliko Natural Facial Cleansing Bars
Akaliko Natural Facial Cleansing Bars are made in the traditional method only with natural ingredients. Pure goat milk produces soft suds that are good for massaging facial skin while highly concentrated essential oils deeply nourish and protect your delicate skin. Our soaps help relieve your facial skin of accumulated chemicals but do not cause skin dehydration. We offer 4 formulas of Akaliko Natural Facial Cleansing Bars for different skin types.

Lavender Cherish : Suitable for sensitive/allergic skin, to treat skin allergies.

Virgin Tea Tree : Suitable for dry to Normal skin to give your skin moisture & Shine.

Charcoal Charcoal : Suitable to oily skin, Anti –bacterial and removes excess oil without over drying.

Tangy Mangosteen : Suitable for all skin types, to nourishing and give beauty glow to your skin.